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Want to end the frustration loops inside of your communication for good? 

Using Human Design, inside this mini-series, learn how to speak to be heard, communicate potently with your loved ones, and take your communication to a whole new level:

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The Dichotomy of Emotion Masterclass


Did you know that your Human Design can tell you how you will feel inside of a confrontation?

It does and it is life-changing.

Because having a serious conversation with one person may feel entirely different than with another...

...and this is key for making every single communication you have as productive as it can be.

Learn how to utilize your unique emotional blueprint to empower you and the way you communicate, meet confrontation, and express your needs.

Also inside of this masterclass:

Align with Your Design

Understand your emotions, where they come from, and how they work depending on your emotional center definition (White/Colored in).

Understand How Your Emotional Energy Moves within Conversation

Learn how your energy is affected or affects others during your communication with others depending on your emotional center (solar plexus).

The REIGN method

A potent conflict resolution tool for finding win-win solutions every single time.

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What People Are Saying:

Amber broke down specific, useful ways I can notice my emotional waves, and what to do in order to avoid saying stuff I will regret later. My partner and I used the REIGN method immediately after the class and had such a productive, clear, and satisfying conversation. It led to an excellent resolution for both of us! I am so thankful for the insight I've gained!

Karen Sterling

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us through the Dichotomy of Emotion Masterclass. You provided such a beautiful technique we can all use to "REIGN" in our feelings and truly maintain healthy relationships. I really loved how animated you are and the examples you shared. So excited to use this method of communicating in my relationships!

Iris Aria