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Magnetize Your Message using Human Design


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Human Design is truly the study of the Aura. When we break it down, it can be overwhelmingly complex. There are so many moving pieces!

But, in order to start diving in and using the information inside of your unique BodyGraph in a powerful way, let’s keep it simple.

Inside of our graphs, we see the 9 individual centers. All 9 centers come with strengths and weaknesses and it’s understanding the depth of each center, the good and the bad (truly understanding our light and shadows), that allows us as coaches, healers, and consultants to give proper guidance to our clients. 

So, why is it important to market from the centers where you have a natural abundance of energy and why will marketing this way will bring you your dream pool of clients? 

When you market from your defined centers, you begin to draw in clients whose respective centers are undefined (opposites attract after all).

They will gravitate towards your energy and wisdom because it’s in those centers that they lack their own consistent energy. They will find comfort and excitement in the idea that you have guidance for the areas in life where they may feel lost, anxious, ungrounded, or unworthy. 

It’s a common misconception to play towards your undefined centers because as a coach, those undefined centers are likely what you’ve spent a lot of time and energy working on yourself. I've heard this called “The Hero's Journey”

We sell from our shadows, our wounding because that is often where we have the juiciest stories to tell.

You may feel like you have a new understanding or a grasp on how to deal with the struggles of those undefined centers and yes, that is all useful awareness to have.

But, attracting those who will benefit most from your defined centers is a powerful tool in growing your business and having even more success with clients.

For example, the Spleen is a powerful center to market from as roughly ¾ of the population is undefined in that center.

This means that there is a large group of people who struggle to find their own intuition while breaking the cycle of fear that holds them back from achieving their current goals. You can help them create their own safe, self-aware space for them to make decisions out of. 

As someone with a defined spleen center, you would want to use that to your advantage to gear your programs towards those who struggle with anxiety, fear in decision making, and codependency. 


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Alternatively, if you have a defined Ajina center, you’re someone who has the ability to take something complicated and make it easily digestible for those with an undefined Ajina center. 

Undefined Ajnas typically feel overwhelmed with information, thoughts, and the need to come up with immediate solutions. Your strength is giving them a tool to navigate these situations without feeling lost, losing motivation, or getting overly stressed. 

When we market directly to the needs of our ideal clients, they are not only able to hear us but also able to understand clearly how you can support them!

That being said, it is our job as coaches to help our clients understand why they struggle with their undefined centers while reassuring them that it’s going to be okay. Just because they struggle with these specific areas in their daily life, these characteristics are not set in stone.

With a little awareness, time, and focused energy, these shadows can be close friends instead of mortal enemies.

That’s why we do this. We want our clients to understand how to shift their focus, realize what’s been holding them back, and guide them on the path that will successfully get them from point A to point B. 

I mean, when they win, we win. Right?

Want to know more about each center and how to sell from your power? Access the Marketing Magic Masterclass here.


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