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Hi! I'm Amber 
I'm a Life + Success Coach for Leaders!

I catalyze leaders into powerful self-expression, potent impact, and effortless expansion. 

I provide next-level self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual support.

Creating a life you are obsessed with gets to be fun + easy.

Toss the rules.
Let's do this your way. 

Getting into alignment with your Soul's Blueprint has never been easier

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"Working with Amber has been an enlightening experience. She has a warm energy that makes it easy to feel comfortable in her presence. Because of this, it is easy to open up, shed light on some deep patterns and get A LOT done! I have some new and amazing tools to help me better communicate with my clients, my partner, my team, and even myself. Amber sees you for who you are right now and who you have the potential to be. If you are looking for someone, who is truly a Communication Queen, to help you better connect with the people in your life, I highly recommend Amber!"

Eden Carpenter

"My human design reading first of all validated SO SO much!! For years I have been going through my life feeling certain ways + thinking certain things yet felt like not many people understood me. I finally understand why! Through my reading and learning how to embody my energy, I had a MAJOR breakthrough! I highly recommend working with Amber and learning more about how you can live your truth and step into your greatness. You deserve that!"

Tara Pollifrone

"I learned how to leverage my design to better sell my entrepreneurial offers, that it was safe to drop old, unaligned offers with full permission (a weight off my shoulders), and how to become more self-aware of my energy and personality based on how my design operates. I feel so much more empowered in my business, but also how I’ll approach my relationships and life moving forward. One month after implementing what I learned, I hit my highest month in business ever!"

Jenny Hale

"My husband and I both had our Human Design Chart read by Amber and then we followed up with an Integration Call. It was AMAZING! Already communications between my husband and I are improving – and he’s been so mindful about putting what he learned about himself into action! "

Karen Sterling

"I have a much better understanding of me, how I interact with others, and how to better communicate with others (especially my ideal clients)! Amber has one of the most pure hearts and as such, her training is based out of love and understanding! Her training will illuminate problems you might not have realized you had AND then she gives you the solution and tools to fix it! "

Joy Schulz

"I decided to pivot my entire business after having ONE session with Amber. Why would I risk the pivot after only one session? Because I learned that I wasn't talking from a space I was powerful in. She explained things perfectly to me and what she said made sense to my intuition. Since the shift, I NEVER run out of things to talk about with my audience. I've never had more women in my energy. I've never made this much money CONSISTENTLY in my business."

Lynnea Courtney

"Amber KNOWS HER SHIZ!! I have listened to my reading 3 times now. The feedback and advice she has given me has been a game changer in both my business and life. For the first time ever I finally feel like I understand who the heck I am, and why I react and think the way I do. It has changed they way I show up for myself and others."

Ashley Chandler

"Amber is gifted at making human design accessible. I've had others give me readings and have done sessions with other HD experts. I always walked away more confused than I had started. Amber changed that for me. In her masterclasses about communication, she was able to simplify the content so I could immediately put what I learned into practice. Extremely helpful and I'm excited to learn more!"

Sky Cardenas

"I am FINALLY feeling confident in who I am, at peace with what I’m doing with my life, excited in my relationships, organized with my time and obligations!!"

Abigail Thomas

"During the short reading with her, there were so many 'YOU GET ME' moments. Now, all the confusion I've been feeling has been replaced with realignment. Giving me new direction on how to be myself without compromise. I loved the insights and examples she gave (she even remembered the questions I had posted in her group and answered them too! She cares!!!) I am super stoked on learning more with her and everyone here at the Design Hive. I highly recommend getting a reading with Amber!"

Vanessa Tay

Human Design Readings

Understand your unique Human Design on a whole new level.

I take complicated jargon and make it accessible and practical for every day use. 

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I am here for the highly ambitious who is ready to create the life she is craving. ⁣

I'm here for the woman who is done hustling, done striving, and is ready to embody her true super powers. ⁣

Tap into infinite magic. With me, your expansion is inevitable. 

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Online Masterclasses

Manifestation, Communication, Marketing Magic. 

Utilize Human Design in real life using masterclasses built for you to learn at your own pace. 

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